Tips for Training Your Creative Eye
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Tips for Training Your Creative Eye

Tips for Training for Your Creative Eye
"What is art but a way of seeing?"
- Saul Bellow

People that know me, understand that I set out into the world expecting beauty to unfold before me like an evolving canvas being created and recreated moment to moment.  Each walk into the world is a new adventure with art and beauty everywhere I look.  I have thousands of pictures on my iphone.  I share them on FaceBook every chance I get.  People often ask how I "see these things" or say that I have an "eye for the shot".  I think it is only that I am looking and paying attention.
Try this...

  • Leave your comfort zone.  New scenes and new experiences create inspiration.
  • Expect beauty and then go out and actively search for it. This is the most important thing.  People compliment me and act as if I was responsible for the beauty I captured.  It is only that I noticed.  Change the way you look at your everyday surroundings.  Look at them as if you know there is beauty there.  All of a sudden the dishes sitting on the drying rack become a still life.   It is all around you every day, and you will begin to see it when you expect it and look or it. There are 10,000 things around you at any given time.  You decide what to focus on.  You can either see the dirt on the floor, or the rainbow formed from a ray of sunlight shining through glass.
  • Have your camera ready and get in the habit of capturing beauty.  Sometimes we see something beautiful and are so caught up in experiencing it that we forget to try to capture it.  When we do it enough times it becomes a habit.
  • Pay attention Be in the moment. You will never notice the shape and color of the clouds if your mind is obsessing over the work you have ahead of you or that comment a friend made at dinner last night.  Leave the past where it is and you will get to the future soon enough.
  • See the beauty in the ugliness. Expand your idea of what defines beauty. Stephen Bailey offers an interesting perspective on the value of ugliness in his blog and explains, "The strange truth is: too much beauty would be intolerable, an awful world of meticulously cropped lawns and starched linen. We only enjoy the ephemeral deliciousness of beauty if we have an active concept of ugliness."
  • Gain inspiration from others who have an “eye” for beauty. Subscribe to National Geographic's Photo of the Day.  
When you have trained your eye, all of a sudden the world around you will be full of beauty, mystery and wonder.


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