Daily Creativity Exercises to Spark Your imagination
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Daily Creativity Exercises to Spark Your imagination

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found. 
James Russell Lowell 

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." 
Albert Einstein

I know you can't paint everyday.  Heck, you might be lucky to find time to paint once a month.  That may be true, but you can be creative on a daily basis.  Doing so will keep you just a little more alive and will positively effect those around you.  The failure to do so may lead to a mundane, unremarkable life.  That's fine if you want people to fall asleep during the eulogy at your funeral.

If you neglect to exercise creativity throughout your day, you'll find time flying by, sucked into a black hole of unispired routine, repetitive consistency, stagnant passivity.  Sounds frightening, doesn't it?  How to escape it?  Life is, after all, filled with chores, exercise routines, meetings, and other necessary "evils".  Adding a little creativity has the power to change consistent routine to innovative, inspired, stimulating, original and even hip activities.

Easy for me to say, right?  How about a few suggestions? Here are a few ideas to inspire your day and inject creativity:  

  1. Meals/Food preparation:   Same breakfast everyday? Consider putting some effort into presentation or try new foods by introducing a weekly International meal night. Explore the produce section of your grocery store, buy something you don't recognize, and find out how to prepare it online.  Making the plating of your food an art.  Look at Design Milk for beautiful food design ideas.  
  2. Your home: Look at your home as a stranger might see it.  I found this is a good way to force yourself to make improvements you have been putting off or to enhance the appearance.  Planning a party is great impetus.  
  3. Decorate:  Celebrate the next upcoming holiday or the season by using window decals, cutting out paper snowflakes, making crepe paper flowers, or using doilies to make Valentine's hearts, for example.   For some incredible cut paper art ideas, check out All About Papercutting.
  4. Add a spark to Date night?  Always dinner and a movie?  What about a live storytelling event, art studio tours, exploring a different kind of music, or a swing dance.  Explore your city's entertainment weekly for ideas.
  5. Get up to see the sunrise or enjoy the sunset.
  6. Add creativity to your lunch hour.  Lay on a blanket at lunch and find animal shapes in the clouds, have lunch in the park and take a nature walk, go to the museum, go to that new Cuban restaurant.  
  7. Change your appearance.  Part your hair on the opposite side or change the color with a temporary dye.  Usually wear pants?  Wear a dress. See if you feel different. Further tips can be found in this WikiHow article.  
  8. Fly somewhere - explore.  Or if finances are tight, drive down a road that you have never been down and see where you end up. Find day trips in your area by searching the internet.
  9. Change up your exercise routine.  Usually work out in the gym?  Join a social meet-up group.  Try a trail run or rock climbing.   Stuck on spin?  Try a free introductory yoga class.
  10. Get value from your commute.  Try listening to book tapes or a different radio station
  11. Appreciate your co-workers.  See the people you work with as individuals who might have something to teach you.  Ask them questions. You might find out something truly interesting.  For a great list of questions for your co-workers, check out this list in an Inc. article.  
  12. Mix up your art.  Do you always use the same color palette, style, or techniques?  Go to the art museum and copy Matisse, go to figure drawing, try plein air painting. Attend a lesson offered by a local artist who is skilled at an unfamiliar technique.  

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