Fans and Faith
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Fans and Faith

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.” 

 I have always had a belief that good things would happen to me, that I could accomplish something worthwhile.  I call this my faith.  To start your own business, you have to have a lot of faith and be a little bit crazy and stubborn.  Why crazy?  Because if you listen to most of the people you consult, you would be crazy to do it. You will find yourself stubbornly refusing to give up on something you believe in.  Faith will do this to you.    

 With this crazy stubborn faith, I have gone about creating and growing my art instruction business.  Last year, however, my faith was shaken. I lost two of my biggest fans.  One was my mom.  She passed away in the Spring and I was not ready to let her go.  She always believed in my ability to accomplish great things even when current circumstances did not support her view. My two greatest fans were part of the reason I was trying to create something to be proud of - to show them what I could do.  My desire to impress them gave me a sense of purpose.     

In the absence of my supporters, I began to look for other people to inspire and support my vision for the future of my business. Though they were unaware, in asking their opinion about my future plans. I was interviewing them for a part;  the part of my biggest fan.    One after another, they failed to live up to my expectations.  I walked away from most of these meetings feeling discouraged and drained.   I was adrift in an ocean of indecision.  Should I scrap my current project and go back to square one?  Where was my faith, my inspiration and creative energy, my sense of purpose?  

I chose to do three things.  Look within myself for my own well of faith, then take a step back and try refresh my vision of my business purpose, and lastly, turn to the people who were still available who had provided the lift beneath my wings in the past.   

 You might try the same thing if you find your faith shaken in a similar way.  Spend a little time alone to ask yourself what it is you want to get and give in this life.  Where do you see yourself ideally, if all goes according to “plan”.  See the big picture and then step back and figure out step one to getting there, because that first step will inevitably lead to a second and a third.  You may not see the destination at the end but you are certainly headed somewhere away from this spot in which you find yourself stuck.      

 Surround yourself with people who are positive motivators because they believe in you.  Steer clear of those who dwell in fear and indecision, because it is highly contagious.   If you must be around these people on a regular basis, develop a force field of faith that repels negativity.   

 My wish is that you will have faith in your abilities to accomplish something worthwhile and that you are fortunate enough to have someone in your life that believes in you.   

 Move forward with your dreams, 

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