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Art Business Mentoring

I am excited to announce that I am now offering by-the-hour mentoring sessions to share my knowledge gained from 14 years of making a living creatively. Contact me for inspiration, encouragement, proven suggestions, and connections.

I'd like to help you turn your hobby into a small business. Maybe you just need a nudge?  I can provide that.  

I can show you how to use your talent to earn a little extra cash.

I can offer tips on finding personal inspiration and increased motivation.

Do  you have a craft or skill that you want to share with the world and get paid for? Whether you are someone who knits slippers or someone who paints fine art, I have a bit of wisdom to share. I've gathered everything I've learned about growing your business from finding your niche, to how to stay motivated to how to build your mailing list into an affordable book and accompanying workbook with exercises to build self confidence, set your goals, and focus your intentions.  

Choosing the coaching style that works for you - either schedule a one-on-one appointment ($40/hour with free initial half hour) or buy the book and workbook and read the information and do the exercises at your own pace. Update: Due to publishing delay on the second edition of my book, there is currently a waitlist.  Book should become available within four weeks.  

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In the meantime, read this excerpt from the book.

Or for general inspiration, read...
Naturally Artistic: Tips on Developing a Creative Perspective

See like an artist, get creatively inspired, stay inspired, increase your awareness of the natural beauty of the world around you, and move forward courageously! "Naturally Artistic" is a wake-up call for those whose creativity is slumbering or smothered by fear and self doubt.

Your Art Biz (First Edition)
Start Your Own Art Instruction Business
Make Money Creating and Teaching Art
In interest of sharing all that I have learned from starting and building my own art instruction business, I created the YourArtBiz© instructional manual and video which contain valuable tools and insights to get your business off the ground and running in a very short timeThe manual contains the insider information you need to attract host venues, advertise, schedule, and prepare to instruct classes within days. 

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Your front row seat at an art instruction event

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